"yoga chitta vritti nirodha"

                                         - yoga is the inhibition 

    of the modifications of the mind

    Patanjali Yoga Sutra 1.2

I started with yoga two years ago - since then I do not want to leave my yoga mat anymore. The yoga philosophy impresses my life completely, it influences my health and my handling with my environment in a positive way.

After finishing my diploma as a yoga teacher AYA-RYT200 at the UNIT Yoga school, I like to share my love for yoga to the people and teach a vinyasa yoga class every wednesday in Oberwalluf and personal yoga. 

I also share my ideas and inspirations on 




And of course yoga also influences my work in the photography: 

You like to book a yoga shooting or a yoga class with me? 

Please contact me under my mobile number +49 151 - 21 22 68 01 or by e-mail. Namaste, Marina

Marina Holland