I like to cooperate with people, as good and reliable contacts are important for me - on this overview you can see my partner who I can warmly recommend. 

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This location at Heidesheim is perfect to enjoy the sunset and good food, to celebrate and to get a feeling of a holiday:

Heidesheimer Terrasse

On the location Schiffsterrasse you will surely feel like sailing away:

Strandschiff Mainz Kastel

A location with the flair of old sparkling wine cellars surrounded by impressive halls: "Kupferberg"

Vivid Music Productions is a pool of talented bands and musicians:

Vivid Music Productions

Mein Bahnhof - a charming location in Rüdesheim:

Do you need some help with the organisation of your event?
K. Schanné from "Veranstaltungen auf den Punkt" will support you 100%: 

Kerstin from In-Balance-Eppstein offers besides yoga classes beautiful self made creations around yoga in her "Yoga Shop":